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About the History of Science Society of Japan

The History of Science Society of Japan (HSSJ) is an academic society which was founded in 1941. Its aim is to promote the research on and diffuse the knowledge of the history of science and technology. It publishes research results of its members, and is engaged in various activities to develop their investigations.

As a venue for its members to present their research results, HSSJ holds an annual meeting (lectures and symposia) and regular meetings of its local chapters and branch commissions. It also publishes the quarterly Japanese-language journal “Kagakusi Kenkyu (History of Science)” and the European-language journal “Historia Scientiarum,” as well as the newsletter “Kagakushi Tsushin (Information on the History of Science).”

In addition, HSSJ regularly organizes public lectures called “Kagakushi Gakko (School of the History of Science)” to provide to the wider public recent interesting research findings. It further tries to investigate and disseminate research results on the history of science and technology in Japan and abroad, in cooperation with the commisions at the Science Council of Japan – the IUHPST Liaison Commission and the Commission of Historical/Theoretical/Social Studies of Science and Technology.

We wholeheartedly welcome the enrollment of researchers, instructors, graduate and undergraduate students specialized or interested in the history of science and technology or their related fields.

  • History
    • April 22, 1941 Establishing conference at Gakushi Kaikan in Tokyo
    • 1941 Founded Kagakusi Kenkyu
    • 1945 Discontinued any activities under World War II
    • April 24, 1948 First general meeting after the war at Nihon Ishi Kaikan (JMA), Tokyo
    • August, 1962 Founded Japanese Studies in the History of Science(retitled to Historia Scientiarum in 1980)
    • 1974  Hosted the 14th International Conference of History of Science and Technology in Tokyo and Kyoto
  • Activities
    • Recent annual scientific meetings and general assemblies
    • 2024 The University of Tokyo, Komaba, planning (Tokyo)
      • 2023 Waseda University(Tokyo)
      • 2022 Online
      • 2021 Kobe University, Online (Kobe, Hyogo)
      • 2020 Kokushikan University, cancelled(Tokyo)
      • 2019 Gifu University(Gifu)
      • 2018 Tokyo University of Science (Tokyo)
      • 2017 Kagawa University(Takamatsu, Kagawa)
      • 2016 Kogakuin University(Tokyo)
      • 2015 Osaka City University (Osaka)
      • 2014 Rakuno Gakuen University(Sapporo, Hokkaido)
      • 2013 College of Commerce, Nihon University (Tokyo)
      • 2012 Mie University(Mie)
      • 2011 The University of Tokyo, Komaba (Tokyo)
      • 2010 Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Shinagawa Campus (Tokyo)
      • 2009 Kyushu University(Fukuoka)
      • 2008 The University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo)
      • 2007 Kyoto Sangyo University (Kyoto)
      • 2006 Toyo University, Bunkyo (Tokyo)
      • 2005 Historical Museum of Hokkaido, Sapporo Gakuin University (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
      • 2004 Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo)
      • 2003 Kobe University (Kobe, Hyogo)
      • 2002 Kanazawa University (Kanazawa, Ishikawa)
      • 2001 Waseda University (Tokyo)
    • Monthly Public Lectures on History of Science Kagakushi Gakko
    • Local chapters and Branches
      • Local chapters: Hokkaido/Tohoku/Kanto/Tokai/Kyoto/Hanshin/Shikoku
      • Branches: History of Biology/History of Technology
    • Publications
  • Publications
  • President and Committees(2023-)
    • President, Tadaaki KIMOTO(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    • Committees
      • Committee on General affairs: chair Daishi OKADA (Chuo University)
      • Editorial Committee for Kagakushi Kenkyu, chair Toshihiro HIGUCHI (Georgetown University)
      • Editorial Committee for Historia Scientiarum, chair Taro MIMURA(The University of Tokyo)
      • Committee on Finance, chair Yutaka KAWAMURA (National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College)
      • Committee for Enlightenment , chair Chieko KOJIMA (Nihon University)
      • Committee on Ethics, chair Takuji OKAMOTO (The University of Tokyo)
      • Committee on Archives, chair Tomohisa Sumida (Keio University)
  • Contact
    • Address
      History of Science Society of Japan
      Shimazu Bldg.202, 2-13-1, Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093, Japan
    • Phone/Fax